It’s Only The Beginning – The Memoirs Of Lakota Warrior Theȟíya Kté From Wounded Knee

Growing up in a traditional Lakota family on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota (USA) in the 1950s, Garry tells about becoming a warrior at the age of twelve, followed by his involvement in history-making events such as the seventy-one-day takeover of Wounded Knee in 1973 and the Mní Wičóni movement to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline in 2016/17. This book is a result of a longterm co-working between the author and Corina. Delia J. Welch and Juanita Schmalnauer also helped a lot and contributed pictures. Eventually, Ronny brought everything together in a beautiful design and got the book ready for print and release. // “It’s Only The Beginning” is a memoir written in English while using words and terms of the Lakota language. It also includes various pictures and is printed on high-quality natural paper. // Available worldwide in bookstores and online shops such as, and ++++ Update: Sadly, Garry Rowland passed on to the spirit world on September 3, 2018. One of his visions was the reinstallment of his museum, the Holocaust Museum At Wounded Knee, which is a museum for the fading culture of the Lakota people. So all proceeds from the book sales go to his children and may help to make his dream come true.