“When I think about rust I imagine decay, erosion, and destruction, but all of these things happen over a longer period of time, not quickly and violently like an explosion. I also think of how iron ore (basically rust) is mined from the ground, and then that ore is turned into what we use as iron and steel. It’s kind of a constant death and rebirth cycle for the rust.“ – Dan Fox

This book is the third part of the Adventurous Music Book Series! It’s filled with amazing photographs taken by Ronny and eight excellent ambient noise tracks by Fail and Hendekagon. Concept, layout, typesetting, and mastering by Ronny (a.k.a. Hendekagon & Signalstoerung) as well, proofreading by Corina. This hardcover book is limited to 25, so go get your copy fast via Adventurous Music.


Ronny Lier is a social and media educator and co-founder of finetexts. His greatest passions are music and design. In his sustainable music books, he manages to combine both.