Three-way Association by Selfish Limbs is a four-track concept album of ambient music, eclectic words, and minimalistic graphic artwork. As the seventh release of the Adventurous Music Book Series, it starts with the sound of spherical crackles and ethereal voices which sometimes seem like coming from Nordic folk music. In addition, choral soundscapes and soft drone-like atmospheres alternate, and dark horizons meet soothing bass. While listening to this, the clear written words almost like lyrics form visual content and take the reader on an exciting trip to different times and fictional periods, where they repeatedly dissolve into zen-like swirls or dark annual rings on a warm white ground created by visual artist Alexandros Tsolakis. Finally, this masterpiece feels like a meditative soundtrack with an interesting electrifying vibe.

Selfish Limbs composes minimalistic electronic music using modified everyday sounds and unique field recordings. Originally from Greece, he currently resides in Finland. Three-way Associations is his 4th full-length album. Alexandros Tsolakis is a contemporary visual multimedia artist practicing fine art and optical experimentation. His latest artwork O-T-H-E-R, a marble sculpture, is currently presented in the Museum of Fine Art Budapest. Additional voice by MAU, layout by Ronny (a.k.a. Signalstoerung), proofreading by Corina. This hardcover book is available via Adventurous Music.

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