Relatives Schoensein

Relatives Schoensein is a non-profit art collaboration. The book shows photographs of excerpts of weathered and partly destroyed street art Ronny took. For each photograph, there is a soundtrack created by a sound artist. All in all, there are over 40 sound artists from all over the world (incl. Australia, Canada, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, UK, and the US) who have contributed to this project. There is a download code for this compilation of tracks within the book, and the artists are Amby Downs, Black Lung, Carlo Giustini, C-drík, Conure, Coppice Halifax, Desolate Horizons, Dirk Geiger, Elias Zorn, Ezra Fike, Fail, Francis Theberge, Gallery Six, Hendekagon, INYAN, Iván Muela, Jen Kutler, Joe Hassick, Jóhann Eiriksson, Jo Montgomerie, Kareem, Kid Kozmoe, Mai 12, Marc Benner, Matter, Micromelancolié, Nimon, Nyppy, Olan Mill, Sacha Ratcliffe, Salt, Signalstoerung, Sturqen, TBEX, Thedi, The Empath feat. Cosmic Noise Crew, The [Law-Rah] Collective, Veronica Moser, Vrum, Wajid Yaseen, Yann Novak, and 16Pad Noise Terrorist. Editing by Corina, typesetting & layout by Ronny, and final mastering by C-drik @ Syrphe. This book comes with over four hours of music and is made of high-quality natural paper. It is limited to 100 copies and you can get yours via Adventurous Music.


Ronny Lier is a social and media educator and co-founder of finetexts. His greatest passions are music and design. In his sustainable music books, he manages to combine both.